Software and tech issues

We provide legal advice on the whole technology-driven new economy. Software development and licensing, copyright protection, outsourced services or research partnerships, we advise our clients to protect their rights taking a business perspective. We developed deep knowledge of the different open source licences and ways of integrating open source components in greater projects both proprietary or open source.


In particular, we counsel our client trough a wide variety of activities:

  • Negotiation of licence agreement (licence-in and out)
  • Review and selection of free and open source licence
  • Negotiation of research agreement with specific focus on software
  • Negotiation of agreements to transfer or acquire specific rights (trainee, researchers, subcontractors…)
  • Negotiation of agreement for the exploitation of technologies whether general or specific to a field, territory, application…
  • Definition and enforcement of a full IP strategy consistent with our clients’ business model
  • Negotiation of incubation and acceleration agreements for startups