IP Litigation And Commercial Litigation & Arbitration

IP litigation
We assist and represent our client in IP litigation, especially in patent litigation (in conjunction with local IP engineers).
We acquired a strong experience in all types of litigationin a wide range of industries, e.g. life sciences, chemistry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics, technology, and consumer good. For example we operate:    

  • Infringement actions(including seizure for infringement, preliminary injunction proceedings and enforcement) and patent invalidity actions;
  • Actions for patent ownership;
  • Actions relating to employees' inventions (ownership, compensation) before the C.N.I.S. French commission of employees' inventions) and competent Courts.

We also assist our clients in mediations and arbitrations relating to these subjects.


Commercial litigation& arbitration
We represent our clientsin various commercial litigations or arbitrations relating to:

  • breach in the performance of contracts,abusive termination of commercial contracts;
  • tort liability, unfair competition, product liability, misleading advertising;
  • shareholders’and post-acquisition disputes.

We also assist our clients in technology related disputes, including legal surveys.